The saga of breaking records

It’s been a week since India’s highest grossing movie, Bahubali- The Conclusion has released and a question has been bothering my mind ever since the news broke that the film earned more than Rs. 900 crore from across the world and people have been talking about how the film has become the pride of Indian Cinema.

So here’s my question – What makes a film a good one? Is it the story, good casting, star casting, screenplay, number of awards it wins, the kind of awards it wins, good reviews, the opening collections or the gross earnings? What among the above does Bahubali contain, that makes it what it is today? Is it really what it seems to be?

A movie isn’t simply a bunch of characters dancing around on the screen with 4-5 soundtracks; it is a lot beyond that. Bahubali is not just two parts with lots of Visual effects, star cast and why Kattappa killed Bahubali, it is a lot more than that. Rajamouli is, indeed, an amazing storyteller. Otherwise, it is not that easy to trick millions of audience all over the world into watching a movie with a plot that has already been the plot for a hundred movies including ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Haider.’ I don’t even want to get started on the number of regional films made based the ‘son-avenging-father’s-death-by-killing-his-uncle’ plot.

Hence, the next thing we would rely upon is the screenplay. The amazing visual effects have stolen the show (obvious much?) . The amount of effort that went into what we all had seen on the screen is certainly unquestionable but what really has to be questioned here is the director’s creativity and novelty that was put into the thought process. I bet it was the opening credits sequence was a major disappointment to all the Marvel fans who have watched this film.

If that wasn’t enough, the director had to make an Indian super hero, giving him the powers of all the Marvel heroes. While the film’s  first part showed us Amar Chitra Katha version of Krrish, the second part surprised us with all the superheros from Marvel. In fact, the hero was water-proof, fire-proof and scratch-proof too. Bahubali’s character is adored the most for his dialogue – the one where he chops off the commander-in-chief’s head for “touching”women. The movie’s first part romanticized stripping a woman almost naked just to make her “realize” her feminine side. It is sad how Sivagami’s character reduced to just a woman who was betrayed by her own son and husband. It is too hard to digest the fact that a really strong woman trusted  her husband and son despite knowing how venomous they are.  Kattappa’s comedy got pathetic as the movie proceeded.

Rajamouli barely left any movie from copying scenes for his movie, not even Angry Birds (remember the palm trees scene in the climax?). It really bothered me how everyone was awestruck by that scene and didn’t care to wonder how physics laws had taken backseat through the Bahubali series.

This movie, today, has about 900 crore rupee box office earnings. It will also bag all the major awards this year (obvious again). It would not come off as a surprise if Bahubali 2 won the National Award for the best picture because its first part that lacked any story bagged the same. Also, if we take a keen look at the 100 cr club films in India, everything apart from Dangal, PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan came off as a headache to the ticket-buyer.

But Bahubali 2 didn’t just become India’s top grosser, it has made Nine Hundred freaking Crores and is running towards making 1000 crores. Let’s think a little logically now. How hard is it for a movie to make 1000 crores when it is being watched on 9,000 screens across the world, with 6,500 screens in India alone. I’d rather appreciate PK for releasing into 6,000 screens across the world and bagging Rs. 792 crore with brilliant storyline, artists, one language and barely any visual effects. Bahubali is a multilingual movie with the controversial #WKKB whose sequel came after two long years. Hence, I strongly believe that the credit should go to SS Rajamouli for being an amazing business person and not to Bahubali, claiming it as the pride of Indian cinema.


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